Here's a page full of my works, from writing to doodles to photography to films to spaceship dreams.

Kalebo Baggins

I’m often discouraged when I find so many choices. The love I receive  is so much more than I could’ve asked for. That’s possibly why the kids are always asking if I’m sad.

I guess I’m perplexed as to why I lay awake questioning my sanity.

Others are like me as well, but if it weren’t for chocolate I might evolve into a cactus. And now I’m yearning to speak poetically.

Someday I want a great dane, because I want to feel small so I’m not crushed by all of the NOISES!

Someday I will build my home on wheels, until landing at Kalebo Baggins where I live at ease…

I’m in love with Mother NAture, she sings to me only with the softest words; humming away the gnarl kings, pushing away the chaos.

The words kaos reminds me of my sister; I wonder is at all my baby sister will be safe from the war with men. Will she ever fully understand the powers of the third eye? 

But oh the contrary, her journeys are not mine, vise versa…